-A database of positive locations in the world where people feel instantly at home-

'Feeling at home'. A short sentence in which an essential human need is defined. A place to be oneself and feel solace.

The primary significance of 'home' is tied to the house in which you live. The connection to home develops through time. You feel at home in your own house because time has been spent there. Because of the energy you've put in, the items that are placed there, that have been picked and chosen by you.
Stories have been lived there and are now part of your memory.

There are also secondary homes: these places in which you grew up as a child, your favourite place to be or your frequent holiday-spot. It could be the house of your best friend, your favourite bar, your workspace, a small shop where you buy your croissant everyday and make some small talk or even a path that you have frequently walked along.

The project 'Athometown' is focusing on places and moments that from the beginning felt like home. The English have a saying: 'Home is where the heart is'.
Athometown is looking for places and moments that instantly became homes and didn't need time to grow. You arrived at the spot, walked in or saw it from a distance, blinked your eyes and realized: This is where I feel at home; this part of the world belongs to me. This doesn't necessary have to be a house, but could also be an ocean, a plane or your favourite sweater.
A walk through the streets of Athometown is reading the stories of many different people from all over the world.Stories about the poetry of life. To read these stories go to the map and click the houses with the red roofs.    

Next to the 2D map on this website there is also Athometown 3D, a city of small porcelain houses which
are carrying a personal address referring to the map on the website.
You can always check at "NOW" where Athometown 3D will be next.
By purchasing one of the 3D houses there will be given you a place on this website where you can share
your experience on "feeling at home".

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